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3D Digital Technology

Technologies we use in our office:


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What is a 3D CBCT?

CBCT stands for dental cone-beam computed tomography. This special 3D x-ray technology is employed by Orthodontists to produce three dimensional (3D) images of parts such as soft tissues, bones, and teeth. This is crucial for orthodontic treatment as we can learn about the quality of your bone and health of your teeth which will allow us to advise you the appropriate treatment mechanics and plan.

We use Vatech’s CBCT technology (https://vatechamerica.com/products/a9#!home) which offers a clear and precise image that is available on the market. A single scan in just within few seconds can provide more information with less radiation compared to multiple 2D conventional x-rays. It can provide a 360° view of your mouth, intricate 3D views of your bone, teeth, and surrounding structures. This helps us to find how your teeth that are located in a bone in a three dimensional view.

How does CBCT help in Orthodontic treatment?
At Smile City Orthodontics, we believe in using the most latest technology to provide the best treatment for our patients. We use advanced 3D CBCT which provides the most precise and high quality panoramic images by combining image processing and accumulated experience.

The application of CBCT in orthodontics is:

  1. Information on the stage of dental development
  2. Evaluation and detection of any supernumerary teeth
  3. Evaluate bone quality in patients with cleft palate
  4. Location of any teeth that are impacted
  5. More details regarding any pathology if identified during examination
  6. Assessment of bone levels in patients with gum disease or periodontal disease

What is the difference between 2D and 3D X-rays?
The biggest difference is the value in the diagnostic image and this is obtained by a three dimensional visulatization that can help the orthodontist plan the treatment case accordingly. Moreover less radiation is used with much more valuable information.

Contact Smile City Orthodontics in Sunnyvale, TX to learn more about 3D X-ray imaging for an accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment planning.

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3D Printers

Smile City Orthodontics believes in staying up with the technology. Hence we strive harder to get you the very best technology at our office. This technology used to be limited to only labs but we have incorporated this system in our practice and that means faster and efficient care.

Please do check our 3D printer room that will have our 3D printers. You can see how your teeth molds are being made using our FORMlab printers (https://formlabs.com/)

What is 3D printing and how is it used in Orthodontics?
You probably have heard of 3D printing and may be wondering how do we use it in an orthodontic office. At smile city orthodontics, we want the very best hence we prioritize keeping our office with the most advanced technology. With the help of 3D printers, we can now print your teeth models using scans that were obtained using our 3D scanner. The data obtained from the scanner is fed into the printer which will then print the models. The models are used for diagnostic purposes, fabricate appliances, aligners, and retainers.

Please contact Smile City Orthodontics, Tx to learn more about 3D printing and digital orthodontics to enhance your smile.

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3D Scanners

Smile City Orthodontics uses the most latest technology to achieve precision results and make your orthodontic process more effective. We use Medit Scanner (https://www.medit.com/dental-clinic-i700) one of the latest and advanced scanner. This means, no more gooey impressions or worry about gaging while taking impressions.

The scanner tip will scan your teeth (think about taking multiple pictures) and then the software will create a 3D model of your teeth. This will help us during our consultation to learn more about your dental problems and how orthodontic treatment would be beneficial. The highly accurate digital impression can then be even used for fabricating any orthodontic appliance or even starting your aligner treatment right away.

Contact Smile City Orthodontics, TX to learn more about this innovative dental technology. We are inviting you to check our digital modern orthodontic office for your smile transformation.

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