At Smile City Orthodontics, we want to make sure the process is easy. We scan your teeth using digital 3D scanner ( Your teeth images are uploaded to the spark website ( where the orthodontist will move the teeth in a 3D software. We share you the outcome of the treatment and once it’s approved by the orthodontist, the aligners are manufactured and shipped to the office in a couple of days.

In fact, Smile City Orthodontic office has the unique advantage of using our 3D printers ( to even print the first couple of aligner trays without waiting several weeks. With our high-tech software and equipment, we can get someone started much faster if they want to (even within the same day). We upload the 3D scan of your teeth into our virtual software and plan out your tooth and bite movements. After the movements have been planned, staged and approved, we print out your first 3 aligners in office. The rest of the trays will be available in the office within couple of weeks. This is a cutting edge technology that are making same day treatments with aligners so no more waiting for your aligners that you will see with other labs, manufacturing or even shipping delays

Please schedule an appointment at Smile City Orthodontics to learn more about The In-Office Aligner advantage!!