Smile City Orthodontics


At Smile City Orthodontics, we offer three options of retainers.

  • Hawley Retainer
  • Clear Retainer
  • Fixed Retainer

Which is the recommended retainer?

At the end of treatment, Dr. Jacob will discuss your retainer options and which type is best for your situation. It is very critical to wear your retainer as recommended by your orthodontist. If you don’t, your teeth will likely shift over time. Teeth shifting is a normal aging process that happens during the persons lifetime and they tend to go forward or backward even after treatment. Hence, it’s important to wear your retainers to prevent teeth from shifting.

What is the process of obtaining a retainer?

We scan your teeth at the end of the treatment using our 3D scanner (Yes, you heard it right!! No Messy gooey impressions). After we scan your teeth, we send the digital scan to our 3D printer to create models following which the thermoplastic material is adapted to the model using our Biostar machines. If you are interested in receiving a Hawley retainer we send the digital scans to our lab to make the retainers.

Is retainer included in my treatment?

Absolutely. We always include one pair of retainer for your upper and lower teeth with your treatment. If you need additional ones, just let us know and we can make some extra ones for you at additional cost. Do not worry about need for multiple impressions. We use a digital scanner that can make as many models and retainers with just one scan.

With our digital technology, we can use your digital teeth scans to get as many clear retainers you prefer. We offer single retainers either for your upper or lower teeth, 1 pair of upper/lower, and 4 pair of retainers.

Absolutely! We understand how important your smile is and we don’t want the teeth to shift. Moreover, we are always happy to meet new smiling faces in our office.

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